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Being Patiently Persistent with PD Treatment

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2007, which caught me off guard as I was 43 with no family history of the condition. In my journey to understand PD and how to manage my symptoms, I tried many treatments including acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, muscle activation techniques, peptide therapy, IV nutrition therapy, etc. I also worked with a Movement Disorder Specialist and developed an exercise, diet, and stress management plan to counteract my symptoms. Despite my efforts, I faced a major setback in February 2020. My body started to shut down, I could barely stand, and my meds stopped working. This led me to consider Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). After my DBS procedure in November 2020, I began a new chapter with improved mental and physical health. My PD symptoms finally found a "floor," allowing me to move, exercise, and live more freely. With this positive mindset and DBS, I regained my quality of life and ventured into creative outlets. Drawing from my passion for writing, I founded Be Still Publishing, sharing my poetry, lyrics, and music. In 2023 I released an audiobook, "Embracing Parkinson's: A Journey of Acceptance and Healing," capturing conversations with my MDS, Joe Green. I wanted us to share what life with PD looks like from my perspective and the strategies for managing PD from a healthcare professional. While PD may attempt to limit me, I firmly believe that being patiently persistent in the pursuit of brain treatments allowed me to endure.

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